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Viner Ale Motors NSX GT3 Evo

Viner Ale Motors NSX GT3 Evo 1.0

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Introducing Viner Ale Motors, a Racing Team coming out from my imagination several years ago. Red glossy paint with metallic red facings, white lines and curves, Panasonic and Repsol sponsors plus the team's original logo.

VA Honda 01.jpg

As you will see, the front view shows matte back paint hiding the "mouth". I must admit, I don't like it so much... but I really like the head lights and the global shapes.

VA Honda 04.jpg

It is the first design for NSX that I share here on Race Dept, and maybe the one who will lead to the 6500th download ?

VA Honda 08.jpg

If you really enjoy my work and want to support, I am glad (again) to invite you to follow me on Patreon. Here is the link :

My supporters get a few exclusive skins each month, here are the ones for may :

RR 05.jpg Skylight 5.jpg McEnt AMG 03.jpg KR Nissan 04.jpg

Finally you have my site if you want to learn more about me as a designer. Feel free to visit and take your time, there are a lot of galleries.... The site is in english and fully translated in french ;-)

See you on the track !


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Awesome Livery, like the Team Repsol Japan Honda NSX GT3 Evo...love it
You love the Repsol NSX ? It belongs to my june's selection, which means you can get it for free by supporting me this month
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