VHR_Iowa for AOD Series 1.0 1.001

A zip file containing Iowa for AOD servers.

  1. Danneskjold184
    This track and layout were created by VHR Racing, a team / clan that did work for rFactor and Stock Car Extreme. I downloaded their track pack for fun, recognized its quality, and wanted to "fix it up" for AMS. I take no credit for this mod, I'm merely making small text file fixes to make sure it works.

    Also in this file is Track Configs for the CART Extreme mod so that the game will properly load up Oval Course CART bodies, and their set ups.

    Installation -> Unzip directly into your AMS folder.

    If there are any bugs with this, PLEASE tell me, and I'll work on getting them fixed. I am new to this, so help out if you can. If this map is successful, I'll work on fixing up the other ones as well.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sternendrache
    Version: 2016-08-22
    No specific AMS features like dynamic road etc. Also there is a invisible wall/seam on the front stretch I hit (and an AI) running a bit wide and tapping the wall coming out of 4. Other than that it is solid.
  2. Dann Murillo
    Dann Murillo
    Version: 2016-08-22
    I am not seeing AMS skies, groove, dynamic road, marbles, or shader updates. Also there is a massive invisible wall on the backstretch after the IowaSpeedway.com logo. This looks almost like a direct RF1 port? I bought over the JNS version of Iowa and it looks much better than this VHR one. Sorry for the average rating but that is what this almost is. Keep trying! :)
    1. Danneskjold184
      Author's Response
      That's probably a fair review. Calling it 1.0 might be generous on my part. I'll see if I can track down that invisible wall.

      Edit: I've checked, and I found the "Invisible wall". It seems to be a seam on the wall that you only hit if you are REALLY riding the wall hard. Even if your gently touching it, it won't hit it. Is this what you are talking about?
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