Veschova 202211a

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Veschova 2022 by Abrimaal
for GTR2, GTR Evo and Race 07

Copy the subfolder Veschova to GameData\Locations
Copy .trk file for GTR2 or Race07 to GameData\Locations\Veschova

It may crash. It may not start or hang the game, but this is the worst scenario.
This track is a long-term work in progress,
I publish it now, because the next part may be done next year.

It will be a hybrid track. Photographic and graphic models.
The road will be graphic, trees and signs too.

Well, building a photogrammetric track for games made in 2005 -2007 requires a lot of downscaling, downsizing, simplifying.

If this is the first photogrammetric track for the GTR / SimBin games, I am already happy with the result.

What next?


More, more models, the track is still 90% empty
Adding traffic signs, trees and other small objects.
Various road surfaces
Straightening the road edges
Smoothening existing models
The AIW is wrong at least in two L-corners, where AI cars turn around, instead of taking the corners.
Garage positions may be inexact.

About 200 years of work.









Latest updates

  1. AIW corrected, added objects

    Download Link THE TRACK .trk FILE FOR GTR2 is in a subfolder. To play in GTR2, replace the .trk...
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