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Very simple cockpit cam mod. 2015-10-20

No more weird movement nor shakes.

  1. daubster
    The idea behind this mod is to make the player feel more connected \ attached to the car through what he sees on the screen.

    This mod is about :

    1. Disabling the High Speed Left and Right shakes while still maintaining the High Speed Up and Down ones.
    2. Disabling the opposite direction camera movement while cornering.
    This mod is suitable only for those who have the "Lock onboard cam" disabled \ unchecked.

    Feel free to adjust the G-forces and Camera Shake amount to your liking (View Tab) but try the mod as it is first.

    To Install - first make a backup of your original : camera_manager and camera_onboard found in your Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg and then extract the mod files to that folder.

    Remember to set your desired FOV after installing.
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