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Veloce GTS-8

Veloce GTS-8 1.5

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This is a project that started for me around 10 years ago, created by Henry Clay Atchison III and designed by Keith Kaucher. I was hired by Keith to make the 3D renderings of the car and then I've kept working directly with Henry Clay (http://henryclaymotorsports.com/) over the years going through some changes, design studies and some inactivity periods until I've found Assetto Corsa.

So here's my take on this car which features custom physics based off real values for each part, 3 LODS, custom sounds, and all the features and quality you can expect from the official content.

Engine: LS2 364
Gearbox: Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-spd
Power: around 500hp
0-60 mph: 4.5s
Top Speed: around 170 mph

3D modeling and textures by Alberto Daniel Russo
Physics by Aphidgod @ assettocorsa.net/forum
Sounds by iRider5 @ assettocorsa.net/forum

Click here if you'd like to donate something for my work:

Install it like any other car by extracting the folder to content/cars.

Screenshots gallery:

If you'd like to support my work, you can purchase it for $2 at my store:
File size
75 MB
First release
Last update
4.94 star(s) 123 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. V10 Tires + Physics adjustments

    Thanks to Aphidgod for the update Make sure to delete the old folder before starting the game.
  2. Updated sounds to AC 1.9, thanks to iRacer5

    Just a small update to make the sounds work on AC 1.9, props to iRacer5 for the quick fix!
  3. New engine, sounds and physics update

    Improvements to physics (brakes, suspension, tires) by Aphidgod @ assettocorsa.net/forum New...
  4. Fixed torque curve, improved handling and more

    Version 1.2 fixes: Improved torque curve, smoother power delivery and more low end torque...
  5. Updated to 1.1

    Adjusted brakes (less power, bias and ABS adjustments) Tire improvements (constant temps, more...

Latest reviews

Top Quality car!
One question: Can you close the center rectractable mirror while driving?
One of the best cars you can get for AC. In VR, the temp and fuel gauges are sticking out toward the driver. Probably won't notice that in regular 2D but it stands out in VR. Other than that, the sounds and visuals are top notch. And the driving experience is awesome, once you get the setup correct.
great work. but could you tell more about this car? is it real in somewhere or fully concept idea of a car?
I have a thing for modern classics, love how accurate and detailed the car is :) I always appreciate the little details, adds so much to it!
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
One of my favorite mod. Always coming back to this car when I want a nice ride. Excellent sound, beautiful car, superb physic. Only one thing disrupt my total happiness is the gap between the tires and the track. Tires are floating aprox 4-5 mm over the road. Please could you update that. Sincerly your :)
Absolutely amazing car. Great job , wow i love this model ! Many thanks !!
UN MOD GENIAL! El modelo 3D, las texturas, los sonidos y la conducción son excelentes!

Gracias por el tiempo y esfuerzo para que sea una realidad! :D
Que te vaya bien, y un abrazo! (también soy otro argento, jaja)
BAMM I like it!
THX for the time and great work.
It tried to kill me
Perfect! Drives well, looks gorgeous and sounds amazing. I can't fault it.
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Its this under production? Cant recall but I guess I saw something like this reviewed by Doug Demuro, specially the interior.
Is not, if it ever gets built is going to be a one off car
Absolutely amazing car. Brings together modern features with a classic feel. Everyone should have this in their collection.
Very nice !
Everything is good: details, sounds, camera, internal and lights. Thanks!
really nice looking car but the handling is awful.
i love this car! Great driving after some setup ;)
flawless. what a beast!
Fast, fun and beautiful!! Great job!
Fantastic. Good Physics, nice sounds. Would be nice to see supercharged version :P Brilliant car!

Thanks for share!
Amazingly fast,heaps of fun! Perfect weapon to sweep around the nords.

It's a nightmare without analogue throttle input but i found a workaround by fixing 25% pre-throttle , now the tires won't spin when i depress the throttle button haha, it takes away some of the braking power tho.