Varga "Cigány" Zoltán - BMW E30 M3 - 2015 1.0

Design of year 2015

  1. imprzz
    12674762_1060184494043046_209833528_o.jpg Team: CIGI Racing
    Car: BMW E30 M3
    Driver: Varga Zoltán
    Co-driver: Endrész István
    Year: 2015

    12669828_1060185444042951_715573422_o.jpg Replaced with white BMW E30 M3
    DiRT Rally\cars\models\m3r\livery_41\textures_high\ -m3r_text_high_41.pssg
    DiRT Rally\cars\interiors\models\m3r\ -int_m3.pssg NOTE: This replaces ALL of the interiors, make a BACKUP!

    12656090_1060196780708484_1789265450_o.jpg Made by Imprzz, from Hungary
    Facebook :


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