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Van Amersfoort Racing F3 2018

Van Amersfoort Racing F3 2018 1.9.1

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removed the ravenoil grey part from the engine cover and added some minor details
The next big update!
Now I added all skins used in Macau, which means:

Andres, Flörsch and Vesti.

I wanted to say a huge thanks to Brandon Seaber, who was the designer of the liverys. He was a big help when it came to doing the dragons, as he also designed them and sent over his original files. So you can be sure that the dragons aren't recreated but the originals! And he also gave me some tips about other stuff with the livery!



Hey guys!
As Frederik Vesti joins F3 for the final round in Hockenheim, I also added his skin to the pack! Additional to that, the plaque by the FIA got changed from 2017 to 2018 on all cars.


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