Van Amersfoort Racing F3 2018

Van Amersfoort Racing F3 2018 1.9.1

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Hey guys!
I just wanted to share my latest creation with you. It's the Van Amersfoort Racing team, competing in F3 Euro series with their drivers #12 Artem Petrov, #15 Keyvan Andres, #25 Sophia Flörsch and #30 Frederik Vesti, who joins them for the final round in Hockenheim.


If you want to use this skins in any videos please credit me by linking the download page!
For usage in any packs, please contact me.


Merry Christmas!
Finally made it to add the Macau skins! Please note, that the Flörsch skin is still missing the GenoHerb logo, as there was no way to find it on the internet. We are currently in contact with the team to get more information about it.

HUGE thanks to Brandon Seaber, who created the liverys for the team and helped me out, especially by sending the original files of the dragon and giving me some other tips!

The mod is made for the F317 chassis by RSR which you can download here:

I haven't done helmets and suits, as I simply don't know how to do that. If anybody of you can do it and wants to help me out with it, feel free to contact me! It would be a really great addition to the skin!


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Latest updates

  1. updated engine cover

    removed the ravenoil grey part from the engine cover and added some minor details
  2. added Macau skins

    The next big update! Now I added all skins used in Macau, which means: Andres, Flörsch and...
  3. added Frederik Vesti

    Hey guys! As Frederik Vesti joins F3 for the final round in Hockenheim, I also added his skin to...

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Nice work, lots of detail thanks
Top Knotch!! Thank you
Amazing man! Thanks for the Macau skin, great quality!
Just began learning and practicing in the F317, so the more skins the merrier. And these are some nice looking skins. Thank you!
Thank You!!
Great work and awesome addition, thank you ! ;-)
Great job, thank you!
Thank you man!
I was there at Zandvoort this week, the skins look very nice and accurate indeed! :)
Thank you! Not 100% accurate, but yea ;)
Great mod really hope someone will help and do the helmets and suits which would really top it off
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