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Valvoline 4K skin for Zonda R 1.0

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Grand Tourist
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Latest updates

  1. Upgraded 4K resolution, adjusted reflection and occlusion, window logo added.

    I reviewed and reworked some of my Zonda R skins to 4096x4096 resolution, adjusted reflection...
  2. Edited helmet file

    In previous update I left the helmet unedited but in a close up I saw there was still a sponsor...
  3. Reviewed and intensely reworked skin, added pitboard and ui info.

    I wasn't really happy anymore with this skin and I was allready making new skins for the Zonda...
  4. Added matching Alpine Star suit.

    Matching Alpine Star suit added.

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succeeded! Thank you!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Like you? :-)
nice work, great attention to details
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thznk you for your consistent reviews :-)