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Valune Racing Ferrari F488 GT3

Valune Racing Ferrari F488 GT3 1.0

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Hi there, here I am with a new skin. This time for Ferrari F488 GT3, but not the latest evo model.

VR 07.jpg

As you will see if you try to customize it, my original version is based on the full-carbon body but you can swap the livery scheme in order to use your own color for the raw carbon parts and custom rims.

VR 08.jpg

I hope you will enjoy that skin which is slighly different from my other ones, since there is no specific title sponsor here.

VR 04.jpg

Feel free to share you custom versions !! I would be glad to see that.

My skins take me an average time of 15h so remember, a coffee or a beer is appreciated ;-)

If you are interested in my other productions in terms of skins for ACC, you can check my galleries here :

Remember, if you are a serious driver, let them know it with a serious skin ;-)

See you on the track !


Just below, the skin of the month, a present for my contributors. Check my site for details !

Farina F.jpg Mythril Lexus.jpg Piratella 720S.jpg RTSH 911.jpg

Latest reviews

Excellent work! Love the skin. Used it in a league race for the first time yesterday and managed to get my first win of the season... looks like I found my lucky charm ;)

Btw I looked at your other skins and they are all top quality too, great job!
Excellent !!!! Could you share a link of the stream so that I can watch the race ?
Fantastic paint! Wonderful job, as usual!!!!
Thanks Fab ;-)
Did you visit my site recently ? Two new skins for 911 and NSX :-) :-) :-)
oh look, a serious looker
Hey, nice to read that !
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