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Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Helmet 2021 | ACSPRH Mod

Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Helmet 2021 | ACSPRH Mod 2021-04-07

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I painted another skin with the helmet design of Bottas.

As the title says, the skin is made to use it with the ACSPRH mod made by Marco17_ok and following the templates of JVinu2000.

Hope you guys like it!


Keyshot Render.

If you want to support, please consider to donnate, THX! ;)

Latest updates

  1. Minor visual fix

    Slightly changed the blizzard pattern and adjust the color Added 'eyewear' to the police sponsor...

Latest reviews

I wish you would include which acsprh helmet its supposed to go on
I know, I know -_-. I have that on mind... I already did it on the Norris update. You can also made your mind looking at the brand of the helmet, this one is stilo so the .ini should be with rh_stilo_helmet_driver_19.
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Fantastic as always!
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Amazing :D
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Amazing as always! Been looking for this one!
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