Valentino Rossi 2005 Texture Pack (4th stroke dlc) 2015-12-15

go yamaha 2005 valentino Rossi 4th stroke dlc

  1. Jonix
    -Extract DLC02 Content.MIX with MixFileREmixer
    -Overwrite extracted folder with downloaded folder DLC02
    -Create new MixFile:
    -Select DLC02 folder (previously extracted and modified)
    -Check OMMIT ROOT FOLDER (make sure internal filepath is CONTENT/...)
    -Mixfile format select SBK X
    -New Mixfile path: select CONTENT.MIX in your DLC02 motogp15 folder.
    -Pack new mixfile.

    Completely reworked Yamaha 2005 bike texture (Unfortunately
    due to Milestone, the single bike texture affects both Edward's and Ross's
    bikes. This means Edwards will have bike with yellow stripes too.

    Completely reworked Rossi's suit
    Tweaked Rossi's helmet visor both rain and dry conditions.
    Reworked Rossi's number and sticks and Alpha channel accordingly


    Some pictures:
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