Valencia 2017 PreSeason Track Mod 1.0

Mod pack for Valencia VRTG

  1. Jonix
    Hello everyone!


    I have spent a lot of time editing this track, I am ready to share it with the community!
    The track was modded according to the latest onboard footage available!
    There are some "issues" but they are compromises. Like the white tarmac on the stratight which should be blue..but then changing it would change the rest of the track too!

    Video comparison below, can you spot all the differences? ;)

    Screenshots under spoiler:

    Notice: I have uploaded the whole VALENCIA.mix file,
    to install it simply replace the modded mix with the default mix located in "...\Valentino Rossi The Game\Tracks\"


    -Corrected paddock building colour
    -corrected kerbs colours
    -corrected kerbs light maps
    -corrected offtrack tarmac texture
    -corrected offtrack tarmac normal map
    -corrected grass colour
    -corrected blue sand colour
    -corrected skids and their normal map
    -improved lighting according to real life sun position
    -improved white line
    -added marbles on kerbs (it is an experiment)

    Enjoy! Feedbacks are welcome!
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Recent Reviews

  1. faridkhoir14
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks for the mod, but i find bug. If in the race use new kerb(this mod) but in the qualifying use old kreb. So i hope you can fix it
    1. Jonix
      Author's Response
      Probably because you are on low graphics settings
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