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V-HUD 0.83

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A HUD plugin with the following features:
  • Fuel
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Engine
  • Weather
  • Gear
  • Inputs
  • Starting lights
  • Grid with relative time
  • FPS meter

Press LCTRL+E (can be changed in the ini file) to enter edit mode where you can enable/disable and move the widgets.
If you press LCTRL+R (can be changed in the ini file) while in edit mode, all the widget's position will be reset to center of the screen.

In the ini file you can set a few options: Those should be pretty self explanatory or have a comment above them explaining what they do.

Martin Vindis
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4.72 star(s) 36 ratings

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Latest reviews

Muchas gracias por su aporte
Need help to get it work. I did the installation but nothing happened ingame. please help.
If someone asked why I give 5 Stars. I say because it seems good and to say thanks to developer.
Excellent! I like it! Simple and clear!
Would be great some laptime feature if it's possible.
Thanks for the good job!
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Soon™ :P
It's being worked on but I'm very busy with other stuff atm so I don't have much free time over for this.
crashing game (DX11)
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
No ****, can you name a single plugin that draws to screen that works with DX11? No? Do you really think that not a single plugin developer wants to support DX11?
Try to use your brain next time before posting a stupid review like that.
Very nice HUD...Simple,elegant and with nice features...However i want to know if it's possible to draw-create a different tyre box for temperatures and another for Wear. I want to have both of them and not toggle all over the place. Also would be nice to see the tyre pressures too if possible...
Thank you
Does exactly what you need it to do. Could it be improved? Sure, but what you get now works and gives enough information without taking up screen realestate. Good work :)
9 of 10 drivers recommend this HUD. amazing, my favourite one. thank you

I was looking for something like this, very simple but so useful while I try to get better at Sim racing.

Very nicely done!
Love it so far but DX11 would be great :)
Excellent plugin. Can we please get a Dx11 compatible version?
Just needs to be updated for DX11. That would be even more perfect! :)
Thanks, works also with using trackmap plugin.
Awesome Martin, could you perhaps add a rev counter? That's the only reason why I still use the trackmap plugin alongside this :P
thanks a lot man
really clean and handy !
Awesome plugin! Clean, minimal anda informative. 5 *
Excellent and modern looking app. I'm combining this with trackmap to get the perfect combo. Looking forward to the updates that you're hopefully working on :)
pretty decent overlay, minimalistic with barebones racing stuff, no extra crap. it would be nice to have a laptime leaderboard that we could swtich from split times (you know for those quali moments).
actually i like the idea of having dynamic indicators in the same box, but it would be better if we could do manual toggles for them, at least for the tyres. :p
overall it is a plugin to watch, nice job!
good, good, good.
good job.
great Hud!
good again Martin only thing i miss and 1 thing only is Tyre temps for the rest excellent
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Check the ini file under the [Tyres] section
Looks great! Would you be able to make it work on outside monitors in a triple screen setup please?
Clean, simple, works and has almost everything I need :)

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