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URD T5 Audi Martini Racing 1.1

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finally after hours and hours fighting with my brushes just for aligning the stripes on both sides.

Audi Sport Martini Racing.
my very first attempt on Martini-themed skin.
most of the sponsors are the mixes of Williams Martini Racing sponsors along with Audi's standard DTM sponsors.

new customized rims and tyres.
3 sizes available.
altered the skin maps in order to get a right reflection.
there's a readme files within the folder regarding to nameplate and windows.
put the skin inside the URD T5 Aura skins folder.


Latest updates

  1. new helmet added

    new helmet added. not really special, just a simple one as i'm not a good helmet painter :p...

Latest reviews

lindo demais !
Beautiful skin. Thank you.
Please Henky, more URD T5 Audis with this black rims. I like a lot
Stunning! Thank you for the amazing effort :)
Amazing thanks for sharing !
Awsome work, Henky.
yeah, i can't stop looking her everyday!
best looking car ive seen. thanks heaps..
this looks incredible good, great work
Stunning, absolutely stunning!! Respect for hanging on there with the striping, I know very well aligning stripes can be a real bitch.
the real pain was saved the texture, brought the texture to 3D program and after i found the stripes were misaligned (due to the layout is a bit extreme). i should repeat the processes and almost smack my monitor LMAO. in total this skin took 30min for placing logos and drawing Martini stripes, and 3,5 hours just for aligning the stripes (on the place below the Wurth and the rear body kits. they are the real bitches). so it could fit the layout.

and thankie sir!
Looks absolutely great!
thanks mate! =)
Wao wao wao great work thx for sharing
Just beautifull
Excellent as always!!!
and also thanks for sharing a few skins of mine too =)
Cool skin , thanks mate !
Excellent. thank you.