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URD Shiro JT5 - Classic skinpack

URD Shiro JT5 - Classic skinpack 1.0

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A Skinpack with 1998 JGTC inspired designs for the URD Shiro JT5. Ever since the Gran Turismo days of old, I have always loved the old liveries. So here is my interpretation of an updated look to the old 1998 season GT-Rs.

#2 Team Zexel GT-R
#3 Hasemi Motorsport GT-R
#13 Endless Sport GT-R
#21 Pennzoil GT-R
(Didn't do the Calsonic car since they still race with the blue livery and there's a few great skins already)


files go here - Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\

Screenshot_urd_jt5_2016_shiro_r1_okayama_19-1-120-21-46-27b.jpg Screenshot_urd_jt5_2016_shiro_r1_okayama_23-1-120-21-56-10b.jpg Screenshot_urd_jt5_2016_shiro_r1_okayama_23-1-120-21-57-12b.jpg Screenshot_urd_jt5_2016_shiro_r1_sportsland_sugo_30-12-119-16-42-26.jpg Screenshot_urd_jt5_2016_shiro_r1_suzuka_2018_28-12-119-19-4-19.jpg

Latest reviews

Dude... that ENDLESS livery screams for sex!
Great work, thanks mate!!
I have been searching everywhere for a pennzoil skin like this one!
Very nice! Thx for sharing (^^)b
They are amazing. Thank you.
Nice! What Filter you using in AC?
dead end
dead end
Thank you. I can't be sure since I switch between filters a lot. But it was either A3PP or Kelnor34's filter.
Muchas Gracias. =)
Nice skins. Thanks a lot.
dead end
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