URD JT5 Shiro Physics Update (Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500) 2.3

Physics update for this great car

  1. Fixed Tyres Overheating

    This update should fix the tyres overheating.
    I've tested the car in Nurburgring and all went fine

    Enjoy! :D
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  2. Improved various things :D

    - Fuel Consumption
    - Brake temps
    - Car pitch (No more that strange opposite of rake setup)

    Added data folders for the other "Rounds" So no more work for you :D
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  3. Fixed Quali Tyres

    Sorry for this double update, I've fixed the problem with Qualy tyres, the went way too hot
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  4. Improved physics

    -V10 tyres
    - New fuel Consumption
    - New Downforce levels
    - Right name when loading the car
    - Little improvement on the FFB

    Thanks to Mitja Bonca for the feedback on the mod!
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