URD FERRUCCIO Kessel Racing #99 - Gulf 12 Hours 2016-08-02

Ferrari 458 GT3, Unitedracingdesign, Kessel, EGT, Lorenzo, Gulf 12h, Yas Marina

  1. Peter Meissner
    #99 Kessel Racing Ferrari 458 GT3, driven by Jorge Lorenzo, Liam Talbot, Marco Zanuttini, Jacques Duyver @ Gulf 12 Hours, Abu Dhabi
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    GRAB_125.jpg GRAB_126.jpg


    Install to: Rfactor2/Settings/URD_EGT_Ferruccio/FEREGT_53

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Recent Reviews

  1. Xela1
    Version: 2016-08-02
    seems to be good. Put it as dds-file in, so we can use it in Assetto corsa
    1. Peter Meissner
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