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URD Corvette C6R 2013 1.1.5 Factory Clean Skins 2015-07-07

URD Corvette C6R 2013 Factory Clean Skins

  1. HansDG
    For those who love the Corvette in brand new condition and with no comercial stickers.
    I made these 4 very cool factory clean skins (prefect for screenies ;)

    - silver rims
    - new black tyres
    - clean lights
    - little darker rear fan and grill
    * can also be used separately with other skins!
    (read the included info)

    Optional for those who can extract the data.acd
    - gear paddle animation
    - settings for the gear animation
    - ai with more normal acceleration and grip
    - added handbrake
    - damage occurs at more than walking speed
    - new realistic lights with illumination


    BiG Thanx to URD for giving us the car!
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