URD AMR EGT 2019 - Aston Martin Vantage GTE 2019 Sound Mod

URD AMR EGT 2019 - Aston Martin Vantage GTE 2019 Sound Mod 0.9

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First i thought ok the exterior sound is nice...sounds similar to the original one. Then i heared the interior sound and i thought: God damn !! Very nice ACFan !!
Thanks man ! great job !
Sounds like a dream , thanks!!
One of my favorite with the Nissan GT3 and the mercedes GT3, we feel the power of the engine, a lot of bass, without aggressive treble , nice work!

Just a personal complaint, if the sound volume could be ajust with the basic engine sounds, it would be beyond perfection!
Because at present, either I have a comfortable listening of other competitors who has the new but I do not hear the enemy vehicles that still have the basic sound, or I hear those who have the basic sound but I bleed ears when a competitor equipped with new sounds passes :)

Then i will give 6/5 :)
Thanks for all this great work!
Thanks for the feedback. This is something I'll definitely try to get right in future updates
what an addition to the community
Thank you so much, absolutely amazing.
Thank you very much for your recent sound updates!
ACFAN, amazing sound.
Big thanks bro.
Cool, can you do to 2019/2020 Porsche 911 RSR Sound next. It reminds me alot of the old 996 RSR
hi! it's on the list of to dos
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