URD AMR EGT 2019 - Aston Martin Racing 2019 4K

URD AMR EGT 2019 - Aston Martin Racing 2019 4K 2.0

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Amazing work from you. Thank you so much for making these great mods from URD even greater.
Easily the best skins for this car. Made my day watching a replay of some hot laps at Spa in Mr. Thiims car. Thanks a bunch.
Number plates have to use the correct font, anyway, great skin pack!
really nice work!! many thanks
Did you make the base paint more pale? The previous color looked better
Fantastic skins! Thank you very much!
Great! Thanks!
Great pack , the only point thats not good Porsche gloves in a Aston Martin car..... i have replace the gloves for nice Yellow sparco gloves. Thank you
Brilliant! Best skins for URD's new GTE mods (AM & BMW).
awesome !! make more , thank You
stunning! Great work ...thanks very much
Thank you!
Amazing! Could you also add WEC / mid season skins?
Great Looking skin. Keep it up man
AMAZING JOB, is it possible to add the 2018 LM cars? i think the only difference is a few minor logos.
Very nicely done, thank you sir!
that was fast!
excellent, thx!
Thank you! Was waiting for this
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