Updated Rearwings for F1 1995 Skins (F_V12) final version

Small update for F1 1995 skins (F_V12) - adverts on rearwings

  1. mungopark
    This is just a small update for the F1 1995 skins. The original mod has no adds on the backside of the rearwings, now they have.

    1. You have to install the 1995 skins mod first. As it is not available at Racedepartment and I am not allowed to refer to an external link, just look for "Formula V12 Season 1995 Skinpack VersiĆ³n:1.2" in Google.
    You will find the skins easily.
    2. Install those skins.
    3. Download my altered skins, unzip them and copy/paste them to your Automobilista folder, allowing to overwrite the original ones.

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Recent Reviews

  1. juluka
    Version: 1.3
  2. Thug-Life
    Version: V1.1
    Great improvement. Thank's.
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