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Updated Backlights 1.2

Backlight dashboard colors

  1. r199
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    This mod changes backlight of Kenworth T680, Kenworth W900 and Peterbilt 579: slightly higher backlight level of all symbols, gauges and icons.

    Changed backlight colors for better visibility at night.

    These changes affect dashboard, dashboard computer and gps.

    For every truck available 35 different backlight colors to choose from!

    Mod tested on 1.1.x

    • Aqua
    • Aquamarine
    • Azure
    • Blue
    • Burgundy
    • Cyan
    • Dark Blue
    • Dark Green
    • Dark Orange
    • Dark Red
    • Dark Yellow
    • Deep Pink
    • Emerald
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Grey Tea Green
    • Heliotrope
    • Indigo
    • Jade
    • Light Blue
    • Light Green
    • Light Orange
    • Light Red
    • Light Yellow
    • Magenta
    • Ochre
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Red-Violet
    • Salmon
    • Terracota
    • Violet
    • Violet-eggplant
    • White
    • Yellow
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