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UpCreate F1 skin 2015-05-21

UpCreate F1 skin for Project CARS

  1. derick_pereira
    Hello everybody
    This livery is made for my 3D animation company (UpCreate)
    Hope you like it!!
    More Formula 1 Liveries coming soon
    If you have a request? Please let me know! pCARS64 2015-05-21 12-20-37-25.jpg pCARS64 2015-05-21 12-22-32-85.jpg pCARS64 2015-05-21 12-22-40-27.jpg View attachment 93522 pCARS64 2015-05-21 12-18-23-17.jpg

    1. move FORMULA_A_LIVERY_PLAYER to pCARS > Vehicles > Textures > CustomLiveries
    2. run game
    3. my garage > select car > open wheel > first thingy > Formula A = Custom Livery > Enter
    4. Enjoy the skin.
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