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Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2012 1.20

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PLEASE READ: This editor was designed to be used with GSC 2013 before Reiza unhid the .rFm files. Now that they are unhidden, you can use the much better program made by CTDP. It was originally designed for use with rFactor, but given how closely related the two simulations are, CTDP's Championship Manager NX works with Game Stock Car Extreme.
This is my Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2013 :)

Using this tool, you can create custom championships to run in the sim.

Please read the ReadMe :)

From the ReadMe.txt:​

ReadMe for the Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2013 v1.20

Created by FerrariMan96


Thankyou for downloading my program/batch file!

This batch file was 'inspired' by CTDP's Championship Manager NX for rFactor that allowed you to create championships for rFactor with ease, as you were able to select cars and tracks and other stuff through I nice simple and clean user interface, rather than having to go and manually create the .aos files.

Being a batch file, this does not have the same clean GUI that CTDP's Championship Manager has, but it's not too bad. In any case, it's better than going and creating the .aos files manually because the program does all the 'formatting' manually and any user inputs are made via entering numbers, Ys, Ns, or Xs through the keyboard and pressing enter. Simple :).

So, have fun with easy creation of championships :p.




1. Make sure that the package extracted to a clean directory (i.e. with nothing else in the folder). This is highly recommended because the program creates and deletes temporary files and directories in the location of the .bat file

2. Change the text in the config.ini to read the directory of your Game Stock Car 2013 install (including the actual GSC2013 folder). For most people, this will be "C:\GSC2013", "C:\Program Files\GSC2013" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSC2013", or perhaps you're like me and use a special "GAMES" directory, in which case you would have the game installed under "C:\GAMES\GSC2013". Also, DO NOT USE QUOTES!

3. You are now able to run the batch file! You can run it normally by double-clicking on the .bat file, however I recommend that the program is launched via the shortcut, as this makes the window and font-size larger and uses a nicer Yellow-on-Green colourscheme :)



Problem: The list of tracks doesn't show up - there's just an empty space!
Cause: The directory specified in the config.ini file was probably incorrect.
Solution: Check that the correct directory was entered in the config.ini file. Also make sure that there are no spaces before or after the directory and that it is on the top line of the file.

Problem: The list of tracks doesn't show up - there's a message saying "The system cannot find the file TrackList.txt"!
Cause: This is one that I encountered only recently and took me ages to find out why it was happening. The problem was that the path that the Championship Creator's batch file was in had an ampersand (&) in it, which the Windows command line doesn't like. So instead of going to the correct path, "C:\Users\FerrariMan\Games & Simracing\GSC2013\GSC2013 Championship creator", it was going to "C:\Users\FerrariMan\Games ".
Solution: Check the directory of your championship creator. If there are any 'unusual' symbols, such as ampersands (&) or colons :)) or others, change them and see if it makes a difference.

Problem: My championship doesn't show up in game!
Cause 1: You have the wrong rFm loaded in game.
Solution 1: In the Main Menu of Game Stock Car 2013, press one of the arrow buttons in the bottom-left corner until the name of the correct rFm for the cars to be used in your championship shows up.
Cause 2: You terminated the program premeturely.
Solution 2: In the folder that the batch file is located in, go into the tempfiles folder and there may be a file with the extension .aos. Depending on where the batch file was terminated, you can manually copy it over to the rFm folder in your Game Stock Car 2013 install. However, I recommend just starting again.



The program supports the use of add-on tracks, as it scans all tracks in the Game Stock Car 2013 installation directory specified. It does not, however, support the use of mods that contain additional cars - I know some exist but the limitations of my (relative lack of) skill as a programmer (and probably the limited capabilities of batch files too) means that the program only caters for stock content. Why would you want them anyway? The stock content is great! Modding is what rFactor is for :)

Also, this version ONLY supports Game Stock Car 2013. If you want to use this with GSC2012, you'll need to find an older version (contact me if you need help).



Current version: 1.20
Updates from previous version (v1.11):
- Added compatability for GSC2013's new content
- Addressed a few typos/changed a few words, added a few lines here and there...
- Updated 'troubleshooting' section with some new bugs I found could occur

Changelog for Version 1.11
Updates from previous version (v1.1):
- Fixed vehicle filters for all cars other than Stock Car.

Changelog for Version 1.1
Updates from previous version (v1.0, initial release):
- Added functionality for selecting the Mini Challenge series
- Added a new section for choosing the desired safety car (between the Camaro and Mini)
- Fixed a potential bug where the entire GSC2013 folder is scanned for tracks - this can be a problem when using a mod-managing program that still stores the unused tracks in the game install, just not in the Gamedata\Locations folder.


Known issues:

Please notify me of any issues you find via PM or in the thread at


Future Plans:

I am hoping to make a brand new version at some point, although I am not entirely sure if I will or not. This new version would be written as a proper 'program', in either Python or a variant of C, as opposed to a 'script' which is what this batch file is. I've been wanting to learn a proper programming language and this seems like a good place to start. I'd need more free time first though so no promises yet! XD
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    This is my Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2013 :) Using this tool, you can...
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