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Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.31

A SimHub Dash Studio dashboard usable with any car in iRacing

  1. Infinite loading screen fix

    - Fixed the infinite loading screen issue on iOS devices and hopefully some of the older Android devices too when using the SimHub Android app (I don’t have one to test this...)
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  2. iRating SoF and loss/gain + Bumps flickers + Proper live simtime + Fixes

    - Added class SoF (Strength of Field) and live iRating gain/loss estimation:
    SoF+iR est.JPG

    - The displays will now flicker when going over large bumps/curbs, if the “corner wheel vibration” effect of ShakeIt Bass Shakers is enabled and the output goes over 90.

    - The in game time now updates properly and also displays the time speed factor:
    Sim Time + Time Factor.JPG

    - The white backlights are no more always on during the white and...
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  3. 1.2 - Engine start/stall sequence and warnings + Towing/repairs countdowns + Car left/right lights

    - Added an engine start/stall sequence:
    • The dash displays, leds and background lights are now turned off while ignition is off (while in car only).
    • Distinct led pattern when the ignition is on but the engine is off/stalled.
    • When the engine is starting or is close to stalling, the leds are red and the leds and displays flicker.[​IMG]
    - Added towing, mandatory repairs and optional repairs countdowns.

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  4. 1.1 - Splash screens + Pit screen script + improvements and fixes

    - Added splash screens for in car settings adjustments (brake Bias, peak brake bias, Traction control, ABS, deploy mode, deploy trim, regen level, front ARB, rear ARB, diff entry, diff middle, diff exit, diff preload, weight jacker, engine braking, throttle shape, engine power and fuel mixture)



    - Added an optional script to switch to the pit screen when entering pit lane,...
  5. 1.01 - Tires pressure + Folder name

    - Fixed last hot tire pressure reading with somes cars
    - Changed the dash folder name
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