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Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.31

A SimHub Dash Studio dashboard usable with any car in iRacing

  1. iRating SoF and loss/gain + Bumps flickers + Proper live simtime + Fixes

    - Added class SoF (Strength of Field) and live iRating gain/loss estimation:
    SoF+iR est.JPG

    - The displays will now flicker when going over large bumps/curbs, if the “corner wheel vibration” effect of ShakeIt Bass Shakers is enabled and the output goes over 90.

    - The in game time now updates properly and also displays the time speed factor:
    Sim Time + Time Factor.JPG

    - The white backlights are no more always on during the white and checkered flags (only last 10seconds now)

    - Fixed green flag detection in qualification session.

    - Fixed engine issues detection and fuel/oil pressure mix-up.

    - Fixed some “NullReference” errors.

    - A few slight esthetic changes/fixes.
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