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Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing

Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.7.3

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Hi. Here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. Its purpose is to provide the maximum of useful information no matter what car you drive. I named it “Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing”. As its name implies it’s meant to be used with any car in iRacing. This way you don’t have to change your dash every time you change car and you always have a familiar dashboard.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

For instructions about installing and using the dash, please extract the downloaded archive and refer to the "How to" section of the provided PDF documentation.

Please make sure SimHub is up to date. Some features won't work on older versions.

To use this dashboard on an iOS device, make sure to run SimHub 6.9.0 or more recent and that your device has more than 1Go of RAM.

The dash comes in 2 versions. With RPM LEDs or with a delta bar (both 1280*800)

Led Version 1.6.PNG

Delta Bar Version 1.6.PNG

Here is a short overview video:


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4.82 star(s) 45 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.7.3 – Plugin hotfix

    - Fixed a couple of errors generated by the iRacing extra properties plugin.
  2. 1.7.2 – Fuel calculator rework – RPM LEDS / Delta bar toggle

    - Added a tactile button to toggle between rpm LEDs and delta bar mode on the fly. Tap the car...
  3. 1.7.1 – Refuel Level Preview + Relative colors fix + Units tweaks

    REUPLOAD - Last minute fix for the fuel to add in gallons - Added refuel level preview to the...
  4. 1.7.0 – New Skin + Checklist + Sounds + Media Info/Controls + Performance + Plugin 2.0

    FIRST SOME DISCLAIMERS: - The dash now requires SimHub to 7.0.6 or more recent. - This update...
  5. 1.6.3 – Pit speed limit + Buttons fix

    - Fixed the pit screen buttons when the dash is running on a PC screen. In this use case, make...

Latest reviews

Amazing!!! The reason I skipped completly to Simhumb
One of the core tools I use everyday. Romainrob has built something really special here and continues to listen to feedback and update regularly.
Just super, I´m glad I found this.
I´ll make little donate fot you, you absolute deserve it!
Much appreciated! Thank you! :)
Dash veramente ben fatta e una delle poche per iracing. Ultimamente aggiornata spesso con sempre maggiori funzioni ..TOP
The best dashboard you can have on your sim rig if you are using iRacing!
Thank you very much for your hard work!!!
Great work!
By far, the best dash. Thanks for your work.
On my iphone i can't close the checklist,
Help plzzz
1. Are the checkboxes missing for the 10 items?
2. Make sure SimHub is up to date 7.0.6 or more recent is required:
3. And double check the Checklist plugin is enabled in settings/plugins.
4. At worst you can disable the checklist all together in the ini file. (see the readme pdf)
This dash is really a must to have ! :) Thanks a lot for the hard work and to continue to maintain it.
Excellent dash for iracing
on my computer it doesen´t work
HI. Sorry to hear that.
What doesn't work exactly?
Please make sure SimHub is up to date 7.0.6 or more recent is required:
And restart the install process describe in the read me pdf if needed.
Clearly an unbelievable amount of work has gone into this, awesome job and thanks for sharing!
The best dashboard you can have on your sim rig if you are using iRacing!
Thank you very much for your hard work!!!
Thanks Top Sim Hub
awesome dash

top work
Great Dashboard!

Is it possible to add track temp?
Hi. Thanks!
You'll find the track state and temp at the bottom of the track map, on the pit screen. ;)
Great dashboard. I use the one with the map rather than the gear indicator, however I cannot seem to get it to display the map in either the main or the pit display? Am I missing something?
Hi! and thanks! :)
SimHub has to draw the map first. Try running a clean lap and see if it appears.
In case something went wrong you can discard the map so its generated again at the end of the next lap.
Go to DashStudio/Settings in the "Defaults controls" section. You can right click on it and trigger it if you don't want to map a button.
Cant drive without it, thank you very much