Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing

Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.53

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Hi. Here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. Its purpose is to provide the maximum of useful information no matter what car you drive. I named it “Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing”. As its name implies it’s meant to be used with any car in iRacing. This way you don’t have to change your dash every time you change car and you always have a familiar dashboard.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

To use this dashboard on an iOS device, make sure to run SimHub 6.9.0 or more recent and that your device has more than 1Go of RAM.

The dash comes in 2 version. With RPM LEDs (1280*800) or without the RPM LEDs (1280*665):

Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing v1.5.PNG Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing v1.5 - No LEDs.PNG

Here is a short video showing it in action:

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Latest updates

  1. 1.53 - Small fix + Logitech battery… again

    - Fixed the position of the first car ahead on the relative leaderboard being wrong in some...
  2. 1.52 - Relative leaderboard overhaul + New plugin + Push to Pass + Start lights sequence

    !!!\\\ PLEASE READ THE HOW TO UPDATE SECTION BELOW ///!!! - Remade the relative leaderboard...
  3. 1.51 – Idle screen + Update notifications + No LEDs version + Fixes and tweaks

    - Added an idle screen displayed when iRacing is not running. It includes: Audio visualizer...
  4. 1.5 - 16:10 Ratio + Bumps flickers + Main screen logo + Better car numbers + Caution flag fix

    !!!\\ This update takes advantage of some of SimHub new features (6.8.3 and up). Make sure to...
  5. 1.45 – Pit assists + Relative leaderboard improvements + Compass + Wind info + Better documentation

    - Added some pit assists to the pit screen: A distance to the pit box countdown (the gear...

Latest reviews

I have been trying a lot of different dashboards. But this is the best there is.
Great job, man.
Q: why my 3rd main screen doesnt show me car numbers, "Me" instead of my name and also red names instead of blue names of drivers lap(s) behind me?
Hi! Thanks for the review :)
Some features of the relative display require SimHub to have recorded one valid lap. Once you have an attributed position (from lap time, not from logging in), everything should be back to normal.
I've remade the relative for the next update. It will have less oddities.
The autor it's allways improving the app, and the support it's great and free.
Very very excellent app for iRacing. Thank you, this is the only one app for free for iRacing! It has everything I need. Perfect!!! Recommend for all iRacer! :)
Perfect! Has everything you could ever want and it's organized well. The manual and diagrams are much appreciated and the way it's made in the dash studio means it's easy to edit to your specific needs as well.

My only request would be adding an estimated license rating gain based on the number of incidents in addition to the irating gain estimate. Thanks!
Hi! Thanks for the review! :)
I agree, an SR gain/loss estimation would be nice.I looked into it, and despite the principles being simple, the calculation is not.
I'm afraid it cannot be accuratly replicated.
This blew my mind, I had no idea what I was missing. Super easy to edit as well. Get this now.
the relative doesnt work :/
Hi! It should start working once you have established a lap time with your current car/track combo. The gap values don't come from the game but are computed by SimHub. So it needs to record your lap time first.
Super ce dash, je le recommande
Thank you, excellent work.
FYI last update fixed that dash not loading on android app we have talked about before.... thanks for the dash it is awesome
Thanks for the review and feedback! I'm glad to hear that :)
A great dash providing all the info I need on my tablet.
I also have the issue it wont work on android simhub app but its fine in a browser.
Hi! I I'm glad to hear you enjoy the dash.
Regarding the android app issue. I appears it may depend on the android version. They come with different versions of chromium used by the app. The older one may lack some needed functionalities. For example Bowlingguy is running 4.4.
great dash thanks for your hard work. for some reason tho it wont load in the android simbuh app. but it does on the browser so im using it :)
Thanks, real time not working, but i also tried in simhub discord and i think it's not available, only start.
Thanks, it's perfect for iRacing!
No, it doesn't. I had try with some other games, but it didn't work.
Anyway, nice job from you, but it might be better, if you remove this APP as Assetto Corsa Addon.
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