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Universal SimHub Dash for iRacing 1.31

A SimHub Dash Studio dashboard usable with any car in iRacing

  1. romainrob
    Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing.
    It will only partially work with other games, at best.

    Note : Some features, such as splash screens, SoF and iRating gain/loss estimation aren’t visible on this page gifs. Check out the updates tab if you want to know more about these.

    The dash has 2 screens:
    - A main screen with 2 pages. One for most of the cars and another one for more complex cars (F1, indy, LMP1…)



    - A pit stop screen


    Use the next or previous screen button to cycle between the main screen and the pit screen.
    Use the action A button to cycle between the two pages of the main screen.

    There is an optional script to switch to the pit screen when entering pit lane, and back to the main screen 20 seconds after pit exit. It gives time to reset tires and fuel requests and use the track map on pit exit. See instructions in the "How To.txt" to set it up.



    - Background lights:
    Solid green for 5 sec. = green flag
    Solid blue = blue flag
    Solid yellow = yellow flag
    Solid white for 10 sec. = white flag
    Flashes white for 10 sec. = checkered flag

    Flashes white for 2 sec. = flashing headlights
    Flashes white for 1 sec. = incident count increase
    Solid red left and/or right side = Car left/right spotter calls. (update 1.2)
    Flashes red = slowdown penalties or black flag (but not meatball flag)

    - Rev lights :
    Flashes white = red line reached
    Flashes white = pit limiter is on
    - Gear indicator : Flashes red = red line reached
    - Speed
    - Max speed attained during the last 20 sec
    - RPM
    - Distance driven during the session
    - Towing, mandatory repairs an optional repairs countdowns (update 1.2)
    - Engine warnings for water temp, fuel pressure and oil pressure. (update 1.2)
    - Splash screens for in car settings adjustments (update 1.1)

    - Engine start/stall sequence (update 1.2):
    • The dash displays, leds and background lights are turned off while ignition is off (while in car only).
    • Distinct led pattern when the ignition is on but the engine is off/stalled.
    • When the engine is starting or is close to stalling, the leds are red and the leds and displays flicker.
    - The dash displays will flicker when going over large bumps/curbs, if the “corner wheel vibration” effect of ShakeIt Bass Shakers is enabled.



    - ABS level
    - F/R Brake bias
    - TC level
    - Race position/Number of opponents
    - Current Lap/Total laps
    - Remaining laps in the session
    - Remaining time in the session
    - A spot to put a name or a logo
    - Number of incidents/Incident limit:
    Yellow = incident count increase (for 10 seconds)
    Red = less than 4x left before DQ
    - Class SoF (Strength of Field) and live iRating gain/loss estimation (update 1.3)
    - Lowest FPS during the last 15 seconds :
    Yellow if < 120
    Red if < 90
    - IRL time



    - Delta to best lap
    - Best lap (clean or not depending on the session type – as shown in the in game session leaderboard) : Yellow = last lap is the best lap
    - Estimated lap time
    - Last lap time
    - Remaining fuel (l) : Flashes blue = less than 3 laps of fuel left
    - Remaining fuel laps
    - Last lap consumption (l)
    - Average consumption liter (l)
    - Fuel to add to finish the race (l and kg) : Solid blue = not enough fuel to finish the race
    Notes : I added some margin to the fuel calculation so it should be fine.
    Still, use it at your own risks.
    The calculation isn’t the same for time limited and lap limited races, so it will behave slightly differently.
    - + 0.5 lap for lap limited session
    - + 1 lap + 1 liter for timed session (in case of an extra lap, especially for multiclass)



    - State of charge value (%)
    - State of charge gauge (yellow)
    - Deployment (% of per lap allocation)
    - Deployment gauge (blue)
    - Deployment mode (manual, auto or quali)
    - Deployment trim level
    - Regeneration level
    - Front ARB level
    - Rear ARB level
    - Differential In level
    - Differential preload level
    - DRS status :
    Black = not available
    Yellow = available
    Blue = ready
    Red = open
    - DRS count
    -Weight jacker level
    - Remaining fuel (l) : Flashes blue = less than 3 laps of fuel left
    - Delta to best lap (green if <0)
    - Best lap (clean or not depending on the session type – as shown in the in game session leaderboard) : Yellow = last lap is the best lap
    - Last lap time

    PIT Screen


    - Track name
    - Sim date
    - Sim time
    - Sim time speed factor (update 1.3)
    - Air temp (top)
    - Track map
    - Track state (usage)
    - Track temp (bottom)
    - Tear off (yellow if requested for the next stop)
    - 4 Tires indicators (yellow if requested for the next stop)
    - Tire temps (top)
    - Tire pressure (middle)
    - Tire wear (bottom)
    - Fast repair (yellow if requested for the next stop)
    - Current or Last pit stop duration
    - ABS level
    - F/R Brake bias
    - TC level
    - Refuel (yellow if requested for the next stop)
    - Amount of fuel requested
    - Fuel gauge

    Big thanks to Wotever, Meekstaaa and all the people helping and sharing on the SimHub discord!
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Recent Reviews

  1. psynusoid
    Version: 1.3
    A great dash providing all the info I need on my tablet.
    I also have the issue it wont work on android simhub app but its fine in a browser.
    1. romainrob
      Author's Response
      Hi! I I'm glad to hear you enjoy the dash.
      Regarding the android app issue. I appears it may depend on the android version. They come with different versions of chromium used by the app. The older one may lack some needed functionalities. For example Bowlingguy is running 4.4.
  2. Bowlingguy300
    Version: 1.3
    great dash thanks for your hard work. for some reason tho it wont load in the android simbuh app. but it does on the browser so im using it :)
  3. MJRL
    Version: 1.01
    Thanks, real time not working, but i also tried in simhub discord and i think it's not available, only start.
  4. Otto Bianchi
    Otto Bianchi
    Version: 1.01
    Thanks, it's perfect for iRacing!
  5. Paulo Ribeiro
    Paulo Ribeiro
    Version: 2019-02-22
    No, it doesn't. I had try with some other games, but it didn't work.
    Anyway, nice job from you, but it might be better, if you remove this APP as Assetto Corsa Addon.
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