United Autosports Ginetta G55 GT4- Ginetta GT4 Supercup 2015 2014-11-18

Fantasy skin for United Autosports

  1. BendyBrick17
    Following on from my last skin this is an idea I had for United Autosports for the 2015 Ginetta GT4 Supercup.


    1. Showroom_ginetta_g55_18-10-2014-21-13-25.jpg
    2. Showroom_ginetta_g55_18-10-2014-21-13-33.jpg
    3. Screenshot_ginetta_g55_silverstone-national_18-11-2014-21-17-52.jpg
    4. Screenshot_ginetta_g55_silverstone-national_18-11-2014-21-18-21.jpg
    5. Screenshot_ginetta_g55_silverstone-national_18-11-2014-21-18-41.jpg
    6. Screenshot_ginetta_g55_silverstone-national_18-11-2014-21-18-50.jpg
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  1. Serj
    Version: 2014-11-18
    good work)