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ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 4.0 THE HOLY GRAIL 4.0

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made PC2 feel like an entirely different game. this FFB setting is the best!
g27 here and the wheel shaking under abs braking is horrible. Ive tried 4.0 3.0 comf 3.0 softer, all worse than the normal presets. How can I avoid this front shake under brake?
superb, feels so much more
Thank God Bud.. I was at the FFB all the time just trying to make the game playable with my G27.. I was giving up and playing mostly Rfactor2 for its FFB which suits my setup perfectly.. I was so lucky as I came across a video by SimRacing604 doing a review of your FFB file..Just WoW.. I now use only the Wristbreaker and have my wheel setup so I only change the gain to suit the car I am driving..It's just like having a whole new rig with the setup I now use.. I tried so so many setups from everywhere I could find but this is by far and away the best.. I love it..
it's far better than AMS 2 and with the gorgeous content from PC2.....bye bye AMS2
Bravo! I have always loved PC2, despite the poor FFB. I have a 10 year-old Fanatec CSR, which I really love, but could never get to work on PC2. Wow! on the latest settings, PC2 comes alive like never before. If only this had been the original FFB setup ... things would have been so different and it would have saved my hours of frustration. Now, driving the Ferrari GT3 at Brands Hatch, I get perfect feel ... tire scrub, understeer, decreasing load on crests and increasing load under breaking. I still cannot feel the rear break away and react to sound of the rears slipping (have to wear headphones for that). FYI, my CSR settings are 90 (gain) 45 (volume) 51 (tone) 5 (FX). The only other change I made was to increase the steering deadzone to 1 as I was getting a few spikes on the straights. Thank you so much!
Helped me get a some feeling in my new wheel, which I finally was able to track down, a TM TS-PC. I tried several in my short time, this was the first one to give me some response.
Enjoying the "Wristbreaker" version very much, THANK YOU! Using a Thrustmaster TX, new to the game with a wheel (used a gamepad previously), and the revised forces improve the gameplay and my lap times.
Thanks for sharing !!!
Superb. Light and informative.
Thanks for the work, it is superb. I was using the pure feel, and the new one gives it one more twist. I also use a TS-PC, and thanks to your effort, there are times when I even like playing PC2 more than AC. Surely the game wouldn't have so much fun if it weren't for you.
Bery good!!
Works as intended, well done.
These are a awesome, thank you!
Great sense of control.

Running on a TSPC, vanilla profile settings, Custom FFB + recommended in game ffb settings. FFB volume mapped to wheel for fine tuning per car.

Thanks Hugo!
Feels a bit more like Assetto Corsa now. Great!
made the supers cars lite playable, went from a great game to an amazing one thank you so much :D
went from gely beating to holding a race car. 8/8
It's kinda perfect for the T300RS. You settings turned the game to a 100% better experience and this is not an exaggeration. Thank you!
I'm kina late the party regarding PC2... Only just purchased yesterday. Been searching high and low for FFB settings, used a few of the ones out there, but this set of settings is by far the best!! Dont think illbe going back to Assetto Corsa for a while! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!
This brings pc2 up to par with the other sims. Thanks!
Great job .. Thanks
I have had this game from day one and uninstalled it at least 20 times. Tried all the different ffb files. I tried your wrist beaker and it is awesome. Reading the other reviews I need to try the others but with my t300 I can play this game for the first time. Thank you
Tried all other custom FFB setups and this one is the best, at least for me, I drive only VR and this setup gives a lot of feedback on all things, feel really immersive too.
Just bind ingame FFB volume adjustment somewhere and turn it up or down for each car for the best feel and thats all.
Good work and thanks, the game is actually really enjoyable now!
Finally i can play that game without getting frustrated after a few laps . You made a great job, thanks a lot for your effort!