ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 3.1 with 2 BONUS files!!!

ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 3.1 with 2 BONUS files!!! 3.1

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Update 3.1
- Brake/ABS effect is back with a proper subtle feel in all files.
- Many small changes to Comfortable feel and Smoother feel to accentuate their differences in intensity and bumps level accordingly. No bumps level change to Pure feel.
- To turn off engine vibrations set to 0.0001 in the file.

2 Bonus Files to **** around a bit. But still very much enjoyable. Any Direct Drive users looking for a real FFB challenge? Group C with a demonic strong file for example! Anyway... I'll just leave those here for you guys!

Final version just for you guys. There are 3 slightly different files now: Pure feel, Comfortable feel and Smoother feel.

This is to accommodate all wheels and different tastes. The name describes the feel differences pretty clearly. Even though you can use any file depending on which you prefer the Smoother should be the best bet for direct drive users.

I use Pure feel on my TM TX. Try them and let me know your favorite!

Copy any file in Documents/project cars 2 and rename the FFB file, just delete the added feel name in my files and that's it!

Small update for you guys.
- adjusted output volume by -10%
- adjusted tire scrub for better feel

This is most probably the last update so I included all the previous versions.

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- I removed a brake/abs weird effect that was causing constant distortion in the ffb and an awkward feeling when abs kicked in. It's much better without it.
- The rest is pretty much fine tuning on some values to balance all forces towards the best natural feeling possible.
- This time there is only one file since it is so easy to adjust the ENGINE VIBRATIONS VALUES to suit your tastes within the file; simply open the text file and scroll down, you'll spot it... I believe in you.
- In game FFB Settings recommendations;
gain 100/volume 30-50/tone 50-60/ FX almost always match the volume value, sometimes less for comfortable road cars.

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Versions 1.1 both feel tighter. Engine Vibration choices now available. Fanatec users should like the new low EV. I enjoy the reg EV on my Thrustmaster TX but still try them both to see which one is your favorite and let me know in the comments please!
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