ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 3.1 with 2 BONUS files!!!

ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 3.1 with 2 BONUS files!!! 3.1

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The Perfect Force Feedback files for PC2.

Choose a file, install it, play.

In-game ffb menu, start with Gain 100, volume 35, tone 50, Fx 25. Then adjust depending on the car and preferences. Turn down to 0 any damping or spring effects on the wheel interface if available and set your wheel to your regular tastes (100 strength is recommended )

Replace the ffb_custom_settings txt. file located in documents>project cars 2 by one of the 3 files in UFFB zip renaming it ffb_custom_settings txt. only and you are good to go.

The ENGINE VIBRATIONS are easy to find and adjust in the files.
Spot these lines toward the end of the file:

# Engine ---------------------------------------------
(engine_vibration 35)
(engine_vibration_while_driving 15)


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Latest reviews

It's kinda perfect for the T300RS. You settings turned the game to a 100% better experience and this is not an exaggeration. Thank you!
I'm kina late the party regarding PC2... Only just purchased yesterday. Been searching high and low for FFB settings, used a few of the ones out there, but this set of settings is by far the best!! Dont think illbe going back to Assetto Corsa for a while! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!
This brings pc2 up to par with the other sims. Thanks!
Great job .. Thanks
I have had this game from day one and uninstalled it at least 20 times. Tried all the different ffb files. I tried your wrist beaker and it is awesome. Reading the other reviews I need to try the others but with my t300 I can play this game for the first time. Thank you
Tried all other custom FFB setups and this one is the best, at least for me, I drive only VR and this setup gives a lot of feedback on all things, feel really immersive too.
Just bind ingame FFB volume adjustment somewhere and turn it up or down for each car for the best feel and thats all.
Good work and thanks, the game is actually really enjoyable now!
Finally i can play that game without getting frustrated after a few laps . You made a great job, thanks a lot for your effort!
Found wristbracker profile perfect for me and my t300 , thank you so much!!
Excellent stuff. Thanks for the work. I cannot seem to find out how to, on my own, so I depend of people like you for making a great game even better.
So Thanks again buddy.
Thank you very much for your efforts in making these files. I gave them a try today and it's the first time I've really enjoyed the game after not playing for months due to the poor stock ffb with my G29.

You've made me actually want to play PC2 again.
Great job!
Thanks for making PC2 worth playing. I've tried all the other recommendations and custom files but felt they were over-exaggerated.

I used your default settings and the "Pure" custom file and PC2 finally feels great. Thanks, I was about to uninstall it but now it's great.

FYI - Using a Thrustmaster TS-PC with control panel settings of 75/100/100/100.
Awesome. I had some pretty good settings with my wheel, but this is even better. A lot more information through the wheel. I'm able to catch slides a lot more easily now since I can feel the grip going away earlier.
Thank you so much for your hard work this has made the game so awesome. This is what project cars 2 was missing.
Probably works great with other wheels but with the Logitech g27,it is horrible,oscillations and rattling but that is this sim,I have tried Spade's files as well and the rattling remains.

Automobilista has magnificent ffb with the g27,Iracing is great and AC is very good.

Project cars 2 is awful with Logitech wheels,really mushy,no road surface feeling and rattling,oscillating ffb.
This is a huge improvement for the csl mate. Thanks heaps.
Ottimo ffb per questo gran gioco....mi diverto molto adesso!Grazie per aver condiviso questo lavoro.
Una cosa, dal pannello thrustmaster c'è qualche forza che va impostato a 0?Come consigli tu, quale effetto va portato a 0 le forze elastiche o di ammortizzazione? graziee mille
I'm actually enjoying playing PC2 now with this mod. Fantastic job - very well done!
Very nice FFB! Thank you!
You're welcome!
Absolutely love this ffb upgrade! I actually stopped using PC2 once I moved from a console to a PC and drove RaceRoom and AC because the PC2 ffb was total joke. This has changed everything.

One quick question. I'm using the Wrist Breaker, and wondering if there's a way to increase the gear change "shock" one feels through the wheel on up and downshifts? Is it on the "Gearbox" line of code? Other than that, thanks for making my PC2 purchase again worth $$$.
You're welcome and nothing seems to really do quite the trick for the gearbox... I've tried and I didn't succeed sorry
Honestly... I found this FFB variation, nothind special.. "Game changer"????? Duhhh . you must be really dreaming.. or simply havent ever tryed this one:


If there´s a "Game Changer" for the FFB in this game... this is it!
Dude... lol... you smoke crack?!
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