Ultimate Cam Pack

Ultimate Cam Pack 1.1

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the cameras are very high quality, however, after installing, the engine sounds disappeared. the game itself still had menu sounds and all, but th engine sounds disappeared.
Excellent cockpit cams with head movement which is ferocious but not jerky and erratic. I am not not going back to dull static views. I hope you mod the future titles similarly or else I won't be able to play them now :).
Bugs to bother: The view is not stored and jumps to tv pod as soon as you use pause menu.
i like it, but u put in alot of variations for all the cam types, but just one for the t cam offset. i don't like the shaking stuff in that. my other problem is, i got no changes in the replay cams :/
this is very close to reality. everyone can check it in this f1 helmet cam video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1go3dL2eSYU You can see how the head view moves 15 to 20 degree on each turn. Maybe the mod is close to 20 degree and the real life about 15... just taking a look on the video, every one who want to play close to the real view of the driver, can realize the mod is very accurate. congratulations. Downloading...
Love the mod.
Really enjoying it.
Thank you very much.
Car turns like a rocking boat - in real cars your head does not tilt it stays very level when turning.
This is worst mod I have tried for my favourite game I wonder why others give it such excellent critic!
Excellent Job! Excellent !!! ★★★★★
отлично !
Excellent Work!!!