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udp2ws - UDP to WebSockets bridge v0.3.2

Server plugin that sends/receives UDP communication through WebSockets

  1. germanrcuriel
    This Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server plugin creates an UDP Relay (to chain plugins) and proxies all the communication through WebSockets.

    • Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server
    • Any Linux x64 distro or Windows x64 (can be built for other OS, architectures)
    Live example

    You can try this websockets service at http://udp2ws.sim-racing.es/.

    Just click connect to play with a real Assetto Corsa Test Server.

    You can also join the server to see the results of specific events. Server name is "udp2ws plugin test".

    If is not up, you can always use your installation address to try it.


    Unzip and place the files in the same host you have Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server.

    Open udp2ws.ini file with your favorite editor and modify as you need. Everything is explained in place.

    $ nohup ./udp2ws 2>&1 &
    This will keep the application running in the background (linux example).

    Usage example

    You can connect through the websocket server (socket.io server)

    <script src="http://localhost:30000/socket.io/socket.io.js"></script>
      var socket = io('http://localhost:30000');
      socket.emit('broadcast_message', 'Message sent from udp2ws');
    Replace localhost by the server IP running udp2ws.

    This specific command sends a message to everyone connected to the server.

    Documentation at https://github.com/germanrcuriel/assetto-corsa-server-udp2ws
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