TV Cameras for Ebisu Minami

TV Cameras for Ebisu Minami 0.5

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Leonardo Ratafiá
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Latest updates

  1. 2 more cameras

    Added 2 more cameras and fixed the wrong way sing in ai_lane replace files on "ai" folder as well
  2. Added Fixed Camera

    Added a 3rd camera fixed

Latest reviews

tengo un problema, sustituí las carpetas del mod por las del circuito pero no consigo que las camaras funcionen. es asi como si instala o me he equivocado?
perfect! I love your TV cameras!! :D please make one for ebisu touge!!
Superb cams! awesome job :)
Excellent drifts in the videos as well mate
Leonardo Ratafiá
Leonardo Ratafiá
I'm glad you like them! now that it's possible to add a lot of cameras we can enjoy adding as much as we want :D
excellent. please do more camera mods for other drift tracks. Thanks
Leonardo Ratafiá
Leonardo Ratafiá
I've done for other drift tracks, mostly the ones I like the most, low quality tracks I barely use from drifting.
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