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Tutorial FFB ASSETTO CORSA (only french for now) 0.5


  1. bbspadon
    A simple and effective tutorial for good FFB in ASSETTO CORSA. (French only for the moment, translation will come soon)
    It's only the 0.5, please be tolerant ;-)

    You need FFBClip : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ffbclip-app.7910/
    (thanks a lot for this amazing App Atle Dreier)

    Un tuto simple et efficace pour de bonnes sensations dans ASSETTO CORSA
    (En fran├žais seulement pour l'instant).
    Ce n'est que la version 0.5, soyez indulgent ;-)

    ( appli FFBClip par Atle Dreier )


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Recent Reviews

  1. Falconitage
    Version: 0.5
    superb ! AC FFB now feels like it shoulb be ! I tried so many things but with lut, gyro etc... and was so disapointed....
    your settings are great but I like smooth FFB. so I didn't set FFB Clip in auto/dynamic, I left it in manual/normal and I lowered the force. thank you very much for that !