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Turismo Nacional C3 - Ford Focus

Turismo Nacional C3 - Ford Focus 1.5

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first version of Ford Focus TNC3 ... need more work in physical, if some one want to participe in this u wellcome.

if i see interest in this i will make more updates ... im working in much more proyects that are coming soon ... :D

if like it support me

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Latest updates

  1. algunos cambios

    - some changes in 3d model - bop
  2. cambio menor en el modelo 3d

    small change in 3d model
  3. cambio en las físicas y torneo

    #cameras fix #bop #small change in 3d model #upcoming in https://discord.gg/2tfdqyP

Latest reviews

Muy bueno, sale el Cruze?
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excelente trabajo, muchas gracias.
tenes pinturas actualizadas d tn clase 3?
Upvote 1
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Really nice car. Give your sound guy a medal. Thanks
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Mucha magia
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Amazing handling, the FFB feel is top notch, and the engine sound is terrific. May not be the most realistic car but who cares?

I would have docked a half star if I could for the poor camera placement with the hood/bonnet view, it's right behind the windshield wiper which being upright is very distracting.
Upvote 2
Muy bueno tener autos argentinos tan bien hechos!!! El sonido es adictivo y se maneja muy bien. Faltarìa corregir las càmaras de trompa, porque en una se ven unas lìneas y en la otra queda el limpiaparabrisas en el medio, pero es un detalle.
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I only recently discovered that car but its one of the best in AC. Great sound, handling, pure joy to drive. Many, many thanks. Fantastic work.
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Hey buddy, loved this Focus. The only thing is that the default setup came with only 10lts of fuel making AI cars to pit after abt 4 laps. Any way to change that to, lets say, 35lts? Gracias papá!!
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gran trabajo amigo, muchas gracias por compartirlo.
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Very promising - great FWD physics, great sound!
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tremendo esto muy bueno lindo ver el automovilismo argentino en AC, habra chances de que se hagan los autos de mediados del los años 2000 del TN ?
no creo amigo, lleva mucho tiempo y la gente no le da mucha pelota, o si pero no agradecen ...
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Está genial , puedes hacer la versión hathback?, el st line es mi coche real :)
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si haces un seat panda si que donaria para hacerlo bien
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Espectacular tener mas autos argentos aca segui asi !!!!!!!!!
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