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TT Circuit Assen 0.8.2

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I bring you the Junior Track!


This track has endless possibilities for layouts. I chose the one recently used during the KNMV event days. Who knows, maybe more configurations may follow.

Also various fixes.

Changelog V0.8.2:
  • Added Junior Track;
  • Added several off-track asphalt patches (previously gravel);
  • Fixed timing for North layout;
  • Fixed hotlap position for North layout;
  • Added a pitlane bypass for the North layout (AI will still use the regular one);
  • Fixed crowds on some layouts;
  • Removed second DRS zone;
  • Adjusted spectator cam positions;
  • Played a bit with world detail. It should increase performance a bit when not running maximum detail settings;
  • Added emissives to the TT statue along the highway;
  • Added more drain holes and fixed a few exsisting ones;
  • Moved the sponsor objects to prevent flickering;
  • Increased smoothness on Stekkenwal apex;
  • Fixed kerbs/lines at left side of Ruskenhoek exit;
  • Revised track limits a bit: added penalty sections on some turns;
  • Changed grass colour to better suit the surrounding aerial imagery;
  • Added a few extra tree textures;
  • Better AI lines thanks to @kevink63 ;
  • Various small fixes.
After way too many months, I decided to consider v0.8 to be release-ready. It is now mostly* up to date to 2020-spec regarding track layout. It is now also CSP ready.
Below you'll find a short changelog which is no measure for the time spent to update the track.

Without further ado, here's an onboard:

NOTE: the timing appears to be broken on the North layout. Download and replace the files from the link below.
Included in this hotfix (V0.8.1 coming soon on Race Department):

  • Fixed timing on the North layout.
  • A fix for those who experience illuminated skies during night time.
  • Fixed AI (by @kevink63 ).
  • Fixed DRS zones (removed the last zone) (by @kevink63 ).
  • Fixed missing spectators on motorsport and north layouts.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the TT Circuit Assen. All registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. This mod is a work of love and I consider it to be free advertising for the great companies involved in the real life events. It is not used commercially and I get no financial gain out of making this track.

V0.8 changelog:
  • Reworked the complete circuit to match February 2019 height data (aerial LIDAR) and made the mesh much more detailed.
  • Reworked nearly the complete circuit to match 2020 trim (guardrails, long lap penalty lane, roads, gutters, sand traps, etc.)*.
  • Reworked trees and bushes.
  • Reworked a lot of textures and shaders.
  • Reworked starting lights.
  • Reworked the physics mesh which now more accurately depicts some of the double camber sections.
  • Added and texturized more buildings.
  • Added 3D kerbs, including the new FIM spec double kerbs.
  • Added extra guardrails and tyre walls for the 2020 spec.
  • Added trucks on the paddock (very minimal for now).
  • Added additional assets on the paddock.
  • Added the long lap penalty lane.
  • Added cut detection on some locations.
  • Added hot air balloons.
  • Added rescue vehicles along the track.
  • Added skidmarks.
  • Added circuit maps for spectators.
  • Added drain covers.
  • Added a very recognisable distant feature, the radio tower Smilde.
  • Added another recognisable distant feature, the stone TT-statue along the highway A28.
  • Added solar panel covered bike parking.
  • Added two new spectator stands*: Winterdijktribune and Haarbochttribune.
  • Added flags.
  • Added some more (and newer) speakers.
  • Added the gutter in the pitlane.
  • Added gates and fences to prohibit paddock access.
  • All collidable objects are now collidable.
  • Reverted back to 34 pits.
  • Fixed the grand stand roof.
  • Loads of other small stuff.

Features that require CSP:
  • Added track skins: MotoGP, DTM, Gamma Racing Day, advertisement-free.
  • Added bird and crowd sounds.
  • Added 3D grass via GrassFX.
  • Added night lighting.
  • Added RainFX support.
  • Added digiflags.
*Due to the track being closed for spectators in 2020 and therefor a lack of reference photos, some of these features are stand-ins for the time being.

Thanks to @Leonardo Ratafiá for making additional track cameras and reworking some of the AI lines.

There might still be bugs or stuff that simply doesn't work on other systems. Let me know and I'll push an update to fix those soon.

Known bugs:
  • Kerbs on the left side of Ruskenhoek apex/exit need fixing.
  • AI is a bit... bad. Sometimes :)
  • Ad-free skin is not working correctly. Please delete the files in /ne_ttassen/skins/default/
  • Some flickering may occur on some text or billboards.
  • DRS causes issues in the last sector.
V0.7 changelog:
- Reworked a lot of textures and materials. Most of them are still a WIP
- 3D grass
- North loop layout added
- Ideal lines added
- Grooves
- Fixed TV cameras
- Added spectator cameras
- Bumpier physics mesh
- Fixed grid positions
- Fixed i3 position
- Added trackside objects (speakers, advertisment stands, light poles, entrance gates)
- Loads of minor fixes (position of dirt paths, concrete slabs, kerb length on some corners, tirewall height Stekkenwal, tirewall position Ramshoek, tirewall pit entry, position of TT logo Ruskenhoek, etc)
- Fixed rain gutter position Ruskenhoek
- Added barriers at Ruskenhoek
- Fixed pitwall height at pit exit

Known issues:
- At Stekkenwal, a few trees are skewed

To-do list for V1.0:
V0.6 changelog:
- Updated to use the multiple layout system
- Racing groove (motorsport only for now, and only one)
- Multilayer diffuse map clean up (lots to do)
- Grid places remodeled
- Geert Timmer Tribune done (grand stand in the final chicane)
- Fixed a hole at Ruskenhoek
- Added tree lines in the far distance
- Changed tree textures (still a long way to go)
- Animated camera at Ruskenhoek
- Added camera posts (Haarbocht, Ruskenhoek and De Bult)
- Added more barriers at De Bult, Ramshoek and Ruskenhoek
- Height fix for some fences
- Seperate physics surfaces.
- Fixed a crash when calling for a wav file
- Some minor asphalt changes
Forgot the capital V..
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V0.5.1 - Better multiplayer support (now only 17 pit boxes available) and separate downloads for each layout.
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V0.5 changelog:

- Autosport layout is now included
- Grid lines and Start/Finish remodeled
- Texture optimisation
- Kerbs UV properly scaled
- Adjustments on Ruskenhoek (gutters, kerbs)
- Grass/sand multilayer material (still WIP)
- Marshall posts added
- Coloured guardrails (orange/white/green)
- Improved gutter textures
- Proper UV scaling on the road
- New asphalt textures (still very repetitive, I know)
- Shrubbery added on the southwestern part (very sparse and some is somehow floating)
- Fixed some fences along the track
- Grand stand is now finished and textured
- Pit building and hospitality building modeled (still WIP)
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