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TT Circuit Assen 0.7

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This 2015 design is by me rated as a 5star, because in 2015 there was no VR. I think in the flatworld racing it is more then sufficient, but when in VR it shows some bugs, like seeing the road mirroring in the sky, huge shimmering on fences.
Another remark the Assen track is rather sterile, while in the real world Assen is like Lemans a real happening (“de nacht van Assen”) at the motorcycle races, but that is more my personal pov.
But thanks anyway, because in motorcycling besides the 24h Bolt d’Or, Man, its Assen that is famous on historical grounds and as an event.
Can you show me what you mean by "road mirroring in the sky"? I've never seen that happen before..

Yeah, my goal was not to recreate any huge event, but keep it 'track day-like'. Hence no advertising where there isn't any on a regular day, no big TV screens, etc.
I suppose, if I ever get to finish this, I could make a Grand Prix version of it, with proper MotoGP and Motul sponsorship stuff.
yeah im only 5 years behind the times lol. Just discovered this (or rediscovered, can't make up my mind or not if I downloaded this years back or not, I certainly didn't put many miles on it) recently and its a great layout.
Since starting to mess with track modding myself i've found myself trying (and enjoying) other scratch made stuff even if its unfinished just to see how others go about making things.
Strictly speaking I wouldn't say this is a 5 star mod if you assume a final Lilski/Fat-Alfie style track is the benchmark, but when you take into account how long ago this was done, and the fact its so obviously WIP i have no issues rating it that much. Its clearly got the potential to be a top track mod once complete, and even incomplete its a lot of fun :)
Thanks for the kind words, Gary.
It's far from true 5 stars indeed. Maybe one day... I've seen you getting into track modding? Be my guest to experiment with this one :D
geweldige baan en goed om te weten dat je er nog aan werkt.
neem je tijd met het updaten wij vermaaken ons onterrussen wel want het is al een geweldig product hoe het is : )
Still WIP, but great to have this track in AC.
Great track. As a Dutchman it's great to be able to get to know the track before going there. Track definitely needs some more work, but i'm looking forward to following the process.
the track itself is great, but missing the obvious details. would be cool to have for the DTM race
Keeping up the good work!
Nice but will it ever get finished? Pit complex still templates...but track..awesome
Personal life has been very rough the past year. I do plan on finishing this, but it will be long-term sadly :(
thank you for making this beautiful circuit, good job.
Another great WIP that I fear may never be completed.
Thanks. Personal life has been very rough the past year. I do plan on finishing this, but it will be long-term sadly :(
This is a good promising work that deserves to be completed! Keep up the good work!
so any views on a update ?? I'm a dutch man i like this track misschien kunnen we nog naar 1.0 komen of gaat dat niet meer gebeuren??
zou zonde zijn van al het werk wat je al hebt gedaan
I'm doing my best to update this but I'm hitting some bumps on the way there. I've just packed together a preliminary V0.7.6 which is OK. Very much a WIP so I'd rather wait untill my problems are resolved and I can make an official V0.8.

So definately not abandoned :)

*Stuur me even een bericht als je wilt proberen.
I have found myself running this track more and more each day. A very nice layout and you've done a very nice job with the track surface's physics layer! I hope you continue working on this because it has the potential to become a real beauty. Thank you.
Very good Track!
Please more Pits for Multiplayer
Great track! thanks!
Great update, thanks for sharing !
big work!nice!!
Excellent works!
Very nice track :))))
Looking better and better with each update you make. Wicked track(s), thanks!
A Stellar piece of work. Top Knotch. Thank you
I love the helicopter replay mode. Awesome track
well made, thanks
Great track ! Good fun with open wheels !
Great track,had some good fun with the mazda 787B
Thanks for this one. But...
309 MB is a little bit too much for me. :(
I wonder how big is it AFTER unziping then !?? :-W
Is there a chance for some "normal" sized track ? Under 100 mb, say... :)
They are 633Mb each. The zip file (V0.5) is for both tracks so 300Mb isn't too bad then :p
I am reuploading them for multiplayer use and will use seperate resources from now on (~150Mb per rar file).
such a big work !
thank you for you effort, you deserve our gratitude....
Great work, great effort. This is top quality!!
Being a Belgian I like the tracks of the Netherlands and Belgium, I'm still short of an official Zolder circuit (for now I'm stuck with the decent conversion). Any interest? =)
vraiment très bien , belle réalisation , merci beaucoup .
Fantastic addition to AC, especially because its not some rip off or hastily done conversion. Congratz for the original work!
perfect right up there with magny cours
This track doesn't have much elavation change, but it has tricky highspeed dogleg curves. I like it!
Great addition!
Is this scratch made?

Looks really well made!
Yes, everything you see is built from scratch using accurate height data and a couple of thousand reference photo's shot by myself :)
Textures for buildings, track side objects, etc are also made by myself. Textures for grass, sand, trees, etc originate from stock footage and will most likely - one day - be replaced by my own.

Thank you! I'll try and get V0.5 up as soon as possible. It has quite some improvements done to it.
Great, fast-flowing circuit. Great fun with all cars I've tried.
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