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True Lighting Mod. AC 1.7x 1.7b

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The PP's ending with S are for screenshots and use vignetting.
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Added a HCL PP for Heavy Clouds weather.
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Warning - This mod is currently for Hi End PC owners as it features high quality clouds.
Default quality clouds will come later, like tomorrow maybe.

Mod is optimized for 100% Saturation and 90-110% of exposure (Page Up\Down) depending on the weather, your display and car camera.

Remember to switch to TLM Night for Night races

How to Install - First of all backup your original files.
How to Backup original file - go to X:\Program Files\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\weather
Create a new folder Called Weather Backup and copy \ paste all your original weather folders to the backup folder.

After doing a backup copy all the weather folders from mod weather folder to your games weather folder.
If you didn't like the mod then just delete all the folders in your weather folder and copy \ paste the backup weather folders.

Open for suggestions - but be specific like :
- Light Fog at 13:00 should be darker...
Brighter interiors, better color balance.