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Triple screen FOV cameras 1.0

F1 2013 cars only

  1. Mick Martin
    Triple screen FOV cameras for F1 2013 cars.

    I Had Trouble finding what I needed for the FOV to be correct for my setup.
    My setup:
    22" x3 @ 1920x1080 Eyfinity combined toal = 5760 + bezel adjustment is a total of 5980x1080.
    The rear of the wheel is situated 4" from the screen & the top rises above the bottom line of the screen about 3".
    A closer FOV was needed so I decided to take on the task myself.

    Updated the FOV and Head height lines of the "cameras" files

    All the 2013 cars have been updated close to an FOV of 34, standard FOV is set around 54-55.

    As usual backup your originals
    Unpack files to your "cars" folder.


    See some screenshots of this mod @ my blog Irace
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Recent Reviews

  1. wikke1984
    Version: 1.0
    thx buddy.
    you can this cams also for the older cars ??
    because they suck really hard to :-)
    grtz m8
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