Triple Screen Close Cameras 1.1

closer cockpit cams for triple screen users, also works in single screen

  1. David Chardar
    Hello folks.

    Having thoroughly enjoyed Modmates close cams in F1 2012, I decided to quickly whip something up for myself.

    Nothing changed but camera position. Camera movements are default.

    As this is a quick and dirty job, where I applied the same numeric changes to all the cars, it makes the mirrors useless in two cars: williams and force india. I will eventually fix theses up later, maybe. Hopefully modmates goes ahead and works his magic ;)


    There is also a version with the HUD showing for all teams
    View attachment 42982

    Also, this is how it looks with a single monitor:

    View attachment 42983
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Recent Reviews

  1. iceman153
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome, except that i wish for some of the cars that the view was a little further back, particularly in the Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes, the RedBull positioning is perfect out of the box. I modified the Lotus one to be just right, but I can't figure out how to change the mercedes view?
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