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Travis Pastrana Dodge dart Rallycross 1.0

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Travis Pastrana | Rallycross Dodge Dart | By SgtGadget | GRID2 Version 1.00

!! Do not forget the *BACKUP* files !!

*New Files*
BODY - gen_tex_high_user.pssg [\cars\models\gen\livery_user\textures_high]

Wheels - gen_tex_tm_high_user.pssg [\cars\models\gen\livery_user\textures_high]


This is my attempt to copy the 600-HP Rallycross Dodge Dart belonging to
Travis Pastrana.

Just unzip into your grid 2 folder and it will replace the files listed above.

Do not forget the *BACKUP*.

Criticism is welcome, as well as suggestions for improvement

Latest reviews

Appears to be just what I was looking for...... also, since Travis Pastrana's family and my maternal family go back to the 1930's in hometown Annapolis, I'll share a funny and published story about him... he and some friends staged a mock shooting on a bridge in full visibility of a restaurant's outdoor deck that was packed with dining customers..... I don't recall if it was Travis---and not that it's unlikely---but the "victim" went over the side rails of the bridge into the South River about 20' below :)
He's got all his marbles; some of them are just a little oblong :)

Thanks for the cool mod.....
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