Trailers Pack Standalone 1.2

Trailers Pack Standalone

  1. r199
    Trailer Pack V1(1).jpg Trailer Pack V1.jpg
    Trailers Pack V1.0 Standalone (+/- 60 skins)
    Tested version 1.1.x
    - Standalone
    - AI Traffic
    - Compatible with all pack trailer

    Version Replaces: Available here
    Version Standalone: Available here

    What is the difference between the two versions?
    • "Replaces": This pack replaces the trailers of the game.
    • "Standalone": This package does not replace a trailer of the game. He adds news trailers.

    We can combine the two together?
    • Yes, you can use both. They do not have the same folder names.
    There will be no conflict. I play with both mods and I have no problem.