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Traffic Signs Pack 1.2

Traffic Signs Pack

  1. r199
    traffic-signs.jpg traffic-sign-1.jpg
    Traffic Signs Pack

    1. Yield to pedestrians (New York City)
    2. Stop-Pare (Puerto Rico)
    3. Yield-Ceda (Puerto Rico)
    4. Red light photo violation fine
    5. Traffic signals are photo enforced
    6. Entering divided highway
    7. Turn left
    8. Turn right
    9. Hairpin turn left
    10. Hairpin turn right
    11. Curvy road starting right
    12. Curvy road starting left
    13. Roundabout
    14. 270° loop
    15. Workers in road ahead
    16. Fresh oil
    17. Bump(s)
    18. Children area
    19. Emergency vehicles
    20. Share the road
    21. 30mph limit ahead
    22. 35mph limit ahead
    23. 40mph limit ahead
    24. Offset roads
    25. Icy
    26. Low ground clearance on railroad crossing
    27. Falling Rocks
    28. Trucks may tip over
    29. Slippery road
    30. Bear(s) crossing
    31. Donkey(s) crossing
    32. Cattle(s) crossing
    33. Horseback riding crossing

    1. Reverse curve right
    2. Reverse curve left
    3. Speed limit 70 night
    4. Speed limit 65 night
    5. Speed limit 55 night
    6. Speed limit
    7. Night
    8. Speed limit 35 night
    9. Speed limit 30 night
    10. Speed limit 25 night
    11. Pass both sides
    12. Loose ground | 44.Turn right to left
    13. Turn left to right
    14. Double arrow - pass both
    15. Bycicles
    16. Skewed railcrossing
    17. Gusty winds
    18. Utility work ahead
    19. 55mph speed limit ahead
    20. 25mph speed limit ahead
    21. Tram crossing

    - This modification doesn’t include a whole new map. It simply includes the models of the traffic signs for modders and mappers to use in the game-editor!

    How to:
    - Simply move downloaded file to mod archive from ATS
    - If you used V1.0, delete that file and replace it with the V1.2 one.
    - Added signs can be found in the editor, use “E” + “5” in editor, scroll through the list of signs to find them.

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