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Trackmania's car

Trackmania's car 2021-06-08

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I will revise when the Steering for an actual steering wheel is fixed. super excited but car mods for Assetto corsa need to have steering wheel and ffb support. thanks for making the mod. Just unusuable.
I like it a lot! Please don't change the steering, its amazing!
the suspension is just from the ferrari sf15 and doesn't match the car at all, the car has far too much drag to reach speeds that you can easily double in the source game, the steering makes absolutely no sense and the feedback shakes itself apart just driving in a straight line
While this is a nice project for those of us that used to play TM Nations, (like Zopiac said before me) for the moment the car only has like 3 degrees of radius when turning (as if it was designed to be driven with a keyboard only) which makes it almost impossible to drive with a FFB wheel with the physics of Assetto Corsa)

But if the steering and display parts get fixed, it would be a really fun fantasy car to drive (and other livery options should be added for the rest of the countries like in the original) and the rating of this car could really hit 5 stars. If all that gets fixed I can easily see TM Nation fans racing it in a league on Assetto.
Here is my 25km Nordschleife VR with Racing Wheel gameplay video:
Alright i gave this car a shot, & its not that bad to drive, i got used to the steering & i haven't spun out. Though i haven't tried this in VR since i don't have a VR headset but hey, it works without any flaws.
Because someone else mentioned it, here's where the HUD is for me in VR, on the windshield. I don't know if it's intentional and I don't mind it but it does look like there's a space for it on the steering wheel. Also I have to agree about the steering. It's usable but it takes some getting used to.
By the way, is there any chance of more skins or a template? I'd love to see more countries represented.
Is this supposed to only have 2-3 degrees of steering wheel input to simulate driving with arrow keys in TM? If so, then I suppose it accomplishes the goal but makes it extremely hard to drive with AC physics. Also, the HUD (speed and gear display) is floating RIGHT in front of the player's eyes instead of being at the vehicle's wheel where it looks like it should be, which particularly looks bad in VR. Would be interested in trying it again if these were changed, though!
I play with keyboard so i dont know the common values for controllers
for the HUD i dont have this issue on my end, can you send me a screenshot ?
It looks good but you forgot the .kn5 files which is needed for the car to work so i dropped one star for that. Oops...
updated, i hope it is working
I've played trackmania for 8 years as of writing this. Thank you so much for working on this! The AO is much much better than what it is in TM2020. The animations are good too! I'd like to see improvements on the force feedback. My whole desk was shaking O~O. Keep this project going. It has so much potential!