TrackCam and AI Bundle 2016-04-30

blackwood_reloaded, china-gp, interlagos, suzuka_circuit, t78_hockenheimring/gp

  1. CyberD
    Please note:
    The files inside are renamed to prevent accidential overwriting of existing originals. Copy the files into there respective track folders, backup the original files into a backup folder to have the ability to restore them if you don't like the new ones, rename the new files as following:

    - for AI: delete the 'cyberd' part in the fast_lane and file name
    - for TrackCams: delete the 'cyberdX' part in the cameras file name and rename the cam files to build a row with possible existing camera files like

    >first cam: 'cameras.ini'
    >second cam: 'cameras_1.ini'
    >third cam: 'cameras_2.ini'
    >and so on...

    Bundled files:
    2 cam files + and for each following tracks:
    - blackwood_reloaded
    - china-gp
    - interlagos
    - suzuka_circuit
    - t78_hockenheimring/gp be continiued

    Have a nice time with Assetto Corsa
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