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Track Update Part 1 1.1 Final

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This is the first part of the Track updates. This pack contains the first 7 tracks (Australia-Canada). I will release soon the other packs too..
I've made a lot of updates compared to the 1.0 tracks (Track sponsors, pit walls, podiums and some minor updates...)
The pack has Changleog&Readme file. I wrote all the updates compared to 1.0
Australia and Malaysia.jpg

Bahrain and China.jpg

spain and monaco.jpg


Latest updates

  1. Fixed Canada

    Accidentally I put the 2013 Canada files to the pack, now I fixed it. Sorry about that. :)

Latest reviews

so brilliant. many thanks.
Great Job! BTW. Can I play multiplayer with this?
Thanks for the perfect update :)
Great but I've problems with rolex'clock and pitlane's sponsor(allianz) in Canada...
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
fixed, sorry about that :)
Thanks for sharing!
Absoluty great!
Great work!Thank you!
F---ing awesome
Thanks a lot !!!
Robert Kezer
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