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Track Map Display

Track Map Display 1.16

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  • potential fix for the disappearing app issue reported by many users. Thanks to RD user @AdderSwim
  • add arrow_size_factor to .ini file
Change Log:

- respect the new focusedCar() API to change the perspective to the currently spectated car
- new coloring scheme for non-race sessions (based on out-lap information)
- fix very high CPU usage when recording maps of long tracks
- changed default resolution of generated maps to 2048 x 2048 pixel
- fix display red line when recording a map (is not cut anymore)
Please make sure to remove the old version before updating!

Change Log:
  • 64 bit support
  • Compatibility with AC 1.3
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Change Log:
  • another workaround for dangling cars in MP (after a player has disconnected)
  • support the track configurations introduced in AC 1.1
  • improve invariance against influences from other apps (e.g., older versions of helicorsa)
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apps are online again since KUNOS promised to support python
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Some minor fixes for the 1.0RC version:
- fix "dangling cars" in multiplayer
- fix handling of silverstone-national
- add maps of silverstone-national and spa to default maps