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Track logo's for CM start screen

Track logo's for CM start screen 1.1.8

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For who has interest in seeing track logo's rather than the track layout when starting a race/drive, here's a file containing over 500 track logo's.


Now, there's some "work" involved: you will need to put them in the corresponding track ui's (delete the track name and just leave logo.png).
If multiple layouts are present, you will need to put the icon in each one (unless you want it to be present only in the main layout).

For some tracks there's a difference between modern and older logo's. there are a few 'doubles' too, so you can choose at your own convenience.

For the multiple layout tracks I tested putting the track map on top of the icon, but it turned out too intrusive. And considering the loading screen does not stay visible for a long time anyway (depending on your system), I left that out.

The majority of logo's are real. For some fictional tracks I had to be inventive and for some vintage tracks I tried finding real posters.
Made the whole thing for myself, but decided to share with you guys. ;)

Knock yourself out, enjoy !

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Latest reviews

I need a tutorial because I don't know how to put it in the container
Thanks for rating. 'Tutorial' is in OP above ;-)
Nice to have our track (Bella Vista Route) in this collection. Thanks for include us in it. Cheers.
Good one!! thanks a lot
Nice touch, Thank You!!!
Love the look of these to add to the polish of the game. Meant to leave a review a long time ago as well.
Super, many thanks for the updates!
Just realised I never left you a review for this. Have some stars and a thank you for taking the time out to make this.
Holy sh***!!! Thanks!
Thank you!
What a collection. I realize I don't know (have) 3/4 of those track!!! Lot of digiging to do to keep up to date
An excellent resource. Thank you.
Thank you for this update !
This track logo bring a real improvement.
And it allow to knows new track sometimes : It exist a Daytona Beach track for AC ! Whaou, if someone know where we can find it, i'm interested
Good work again, much appreciated. Thank you.
Excellent! Thanks very much Fanapryde.
Thank you, much better then the default track outline.
WOOOOOO keep it up!
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